Auto Cut & Air Clamping Vise
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  • Burr-Free & Less Dust:Self-Centering vise with two sides clamping to solidly hold the workpiece and ensure a smooth and burr-free cutting surface. Low operation noise and low pollution working environment
  • Fast, Precise, Clean:Compared to Band Sawing, Circular Sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise, and cleaner
  • Mitre Cutting:The Saw Head can be swiveled either direction at various degrees for miter cutting, providing excellent precision in angle accuracy
  • Cooling System:Equipped with an electrical cooling pump and a large coolant tank to ensure excellent working temperature on the Saw Blade and the Work Piece, as well as a smooth cutting surface and longer blade life

Circular Sawing Machines with Mitre Cutting



Automatic Air Clamping Vise

Ống tròn (Max)Ø80mmØ100mmØ115mm
Ống hộp vuông( Max)75x75mm90x90mm110x110
Sắt đặc (Max)38mm55mm75mm
Góc độ cắt45°-90°-45°30°-90°-45°30°-90°-45°
Đĩa cắtØ250/Ø270Ø275/Ø300/Ø315Ø300/Ø350/Ø370
Tốc độ đĩa cắt120/60100/5044/22
Áp lực khí4~64~64~6
Trọng lượng 220kg240kg300kg
Kích thước máy (DxRxC)1000x850x1610mm1250x850x1610mm1300x850x1610mm