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Tri Viet Machinery

Dear Partners and Businesses

The mechanical industry is an indispensable field of economic development in recent years, the foundation of the economy as well as the prosperity of each country.

TRI VIET TECHNICAL COMPANY LIMITED was established based on the standards of continuous creativity and technical advancement in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial equipment.

With the motto “Prestige – Quality – Dedication”, Tri Viet brings customers optimal investment solutions and perfect services.

Oriented development

Become one of the leading machinery and equipment suppliers in the field of mechanical machinery and industrial equipment with optimal and perfect solutions.


Focus on developing optimal product lines for each type of industrial machinery and equipment in potential markets and diversifying products supplied to the market.


Satisfy customers with the best technical solutions and services. As a long-term investment partner, friendly working environment, efforts for the company's development.


Transfer appropriate techniques and technology to domestic industry, contributing to the development of national industry.

Specializing in providing machinery, equipment and spare parts for the mechanical industry, furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, shipbuilding, construction… specifically as follows:

  • NC and CNC pipe cutting and bending machines
  • Aluminum processing machines
  • Laser cutting machine for pipes and steel coils
  • CNC cutting and bending machines
  • Steel wire bending machine
  • CNC punching machine
  • All kinds of machinery components, cutting discs


Our company’s products are suitable for large and small companies and projects in Vietnam. These machines and equipment are all manufactured in countries with advanced technology such as Japan, Taiwan, Türkiye,…


Specializing in consulting and choosing effective investment solutions

Get installation, warranty and maintenance of industrial machines

Technical training and skills in operating machinery and equipment

Always meet all needs of customers