CNC Machining Center

JIH-CNC6500H Yêu cầu báo giá 1. The base is fabricated from heavy gauge steel plates and scientifically reinforced, allowing for solid support for the column and work pieces.2. Travelling column design features increased machining efficiency and accuracy.3. The oversized box-type column is manufactured from high quality cast iron.4. Large diameter ball screw on x-axis is […]

Double Blade Angular Sawing Machine

JIH-14A JIH-14B JIH-350L Yêu cầu báo giá To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation. Cutting feed is driven by an hydraulic pneumatic power for smooth feed speed. Vertical and horizontal work piece clamping design ensures extremely firm clamping for any type of […]

Automatic Sawing Machine

JIH-455D JIH-AUTO20 Yêu cầu báo giá 1.Automation feed, positioning. oil spraying and sawing.2.Automation Feed stroke 500mm .Reciprocating length is unlimited.3.Build-in saw blade performs upward cutting for increased safety.4.Ball screw is driven by servo motor for high accuracy.5.Equipped with NC control. PLC features extremely stable control performance.Electronic control parts are CE certified.6.Feed is driven by hydraulic […]

Sawing Machine

JIH-18A JIH-18C JIH-18D Yêu cầu báo giá Simply treadle the foot switch, and the machine will perform automatic workpiece clamping,automatic oil spray, and automatic cutting,safely and without effort. Concealed saw blade performs cutting from bottom to top.It allows for the cutting of a Single workpiece or multiple workpieces simultaneously. Automatic oil mist spray during cutting […]