Double Heads Tube Bender

Mã số 1 Mã số 2 Mã số 3 Yêu cầu báo giá Chosen for its unparalleled productivity, the compression tube benders TB series is able to make 2 bends X Multiple tubes simultaneously. Here are some of the advantages of this Globally Patented design: Standard with 90° head rotation for 3D Tube Bending Stationary clamps […]

NC Tube Bender

Mã số 1 Mã số 2 Mã số 3 Yêu cầu báo giá NC CONTROL TUBE BENDER WITH HYDRAULIC ROTARY BENDING The NC series tube bender equipped with an NC control unit with Touch Screen Interface. SOCO NC series tube bender combines easy-to-use operation with high tube bending accuracy and cost-effectiveness. It is a practical […]

Auto Tube Bender

SB-39 AUTO SB-63 AUTO SB-90 AUTO Yêu cầu báo giá SB-39AUTO & SB-63AUTO AUTO series machine features : Hydraulic pressure die assist for every bending stack. Equipped with Wiper, clamping, and pressure die seats. Programmable early mandrel extraction system. Touch screen system. Electric servo-controlled feeding and rotation axis to ensure high precision (±0.2 mm and ± […]

CNC Left Right Tube Bender

CNC Left Right Tube Bender SB-32x7A-2S-V-U SB-32x5A-3S-U Yêu cầu báo giá SB-32x7A-2S-V-U & SB-32x5A-3S-U This CNC tube bender series features all-electric tube benders equipped with Left + Right Bending Technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference, with a capacity up to OD 63.5 mm. The new SOCO CNC Tube Bender combines Draw + Roll + […]