CNC Wire Bending Machine-OR Series

by Finger Rotation and Finger Arm Rotation , the wire loading process the unloading process and the bending process have a simple structure composed of a complex with a single Finger
Clamping the middle area of wire by Finger prevents deflection and deformation possibility and available process range is extended to an elongated wire of at least 2.0mm
The pipe bending quality is excellent by bending process based on bead position of pipes with bead detector

Khả năng uốn: Dây thép (mm)2.0-7.02.0-10.02.5-13.0
Khả năng uốn: Dây inox (mm)1.5-4.52.0-7.02.5-8.5
Khả năng uốn: Ống thép không gỉØ3.5x0.5t-Ø8.0x2.0tØ5.0x0.7t-Ø14.0x2.0tØ8.0x1.0t-Ø18.0x2.5t
Motor servo cấp phôi1.2kW 1000rpm3.0kW 1000rpm3.0kW 1500rpm
Motor servo uốn (trục gá)1.0kW 3000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm6.0kW 1500rpm
Motor servo uốn (ống ngoài)1.0kW 3000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm6.0kW 1500rpm
Motor servo xoay1.0kW 3000rpm1.0kW 3000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm
Motor servo xoay cánh tay1.0kW 3000rpm1.0kW 3000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm
Di chuyển dầu ngang1.0kW 3000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm1.2kW 1000rpm
Chiều dài cấp phôi (mm)1,2001,3001,700
Kích thước máy (WxLxH)1,400x2,360x1,4001,520x2,580x1,4501,700x3,380x1,940
Trọng lượng máy (kg)9001,3202,520