CNC Wire Bending Machine-R Series

Adopting the 1.2kw 1000rpm grade the servo motor with maximum output is appropriate for high speed operation
– Attaching a detachable plate provides available process versatility of a number of different types of 2D and 3D
– The shorter distance between the feeding roller section and wire bending parts improves feeding accuracy
– The rotatability of bending head angle extends wire bending range

Khả năng uốn: Dây thép (mm)2.5-7.03.5-10.04.0-13.08.0-16.0
Khả năng uốn: Dây inox (mm)2.0-5.03.0-6.03.0-7.06.0-8.5
Trục servo3333
Motor servo cấp phôi1.2kW 1000rpm6kW 1500rpm6kW 1500rpm11kW 1500rpm
Motor servo uốn1.2kW 1000rpm6kW 1500rpm6kW 1500rpm11kW 1500rpm
Motor servo xoay phôi1.2kW 1000rpm6kW 1500rpm6kW 1500rpm6kW 1500rpm
Tháo cuộn1.5t2.0t2.0t2.5t
Kích thước máy (WxLxH)1,360x3,200x1,6901,200x2,650x1,7501,340x2,700x1,7802,600x3,700x2,022
Trọng lượng máy (kg)1,9702,4002,4304,040