Exchange Platform Heavy Duty

The Best Of Technology In The Smallest Member Of The Family

With the new Plate Cutter cutting head equipped on the JQ-2560HP, you will produce high quality parts. With automatic focus and integrated laser parameter management, there is no need for adjustments.

Performance based on robustness and, above all, reliability

Ergonomic And Accessible

  1. Bus CNC System
  2. Dual-motor  Driven Exchange Platforms
  3. Eco-friendly Cutting by Zoining Ventilation
  4. Carbon Steel  Welded Machine Bed

Form And Content In A Single Solution

Kích thước bàn làm việc6000x2500mm4000x2000mm
Hành trình trục X/Y/Z2550/6050/300mm2050x4050x300mm
Độ chính xác trục X/Y±0.05mm/m±0.05mm/m
Gia tốc1.3G1.3G
Tải trọng tối đa của bàn3000 kg2500kg
Tốc độ làm việc tối đa120m/phút120m/phút
Nguồn laser8000-20000W6000-12000W
Nguồn điện380V/50Hz380V/50Hz