Medium tube diameter cutting,2 chucks & horizontal design

The Best Of Technology In The Smallest Member Of The Family

By incorporating the innovative TubeCutter cutting head into the M series, you can manufacture top-quality components. The automatic focus and integrated laser parameter management eliminate the necessity for any manual adjustments.

Ergonomic And Accessible

Adopt the overall heavy-duty high-strength cold-rolled pipe plate welded bed, insert structure, equal strength welding; high precision automatic pneumatic chuck, precision gear drive, powerful automatic centering function, convenient and efficient, pneumatic chuck one key to open the clamp, super strong pneumatic clamping force, heavy pipe clamping more firmly; follow the design of support, independent servo motor real-time control to adjust the pipe lifting height, to prevent pipe sagging

Form And Content In A Single Solution

The Best Choices Show Their Value Over Time

The fully automatic loading mechanism can be tailored to meet customer needs, enabling hands-free pipe loading for enhanced convenience and efficiency, ultimately boosting production efficiency.

Likewise, the semi-automatic feeding mechanism can be personalized based on customer preferences, enabling faster pipe feeding and significant time savings, simplifying the cutting process.

Khả năng cắt 6000/8000mm
Trọng lượng tối đa mỗi ống200 kg
Đường kính cắtØ15~230mm
Tốc độ quay tối đa của mâm cặp120 vòng/phút
Độ chính xác trục X/Y±0.05mm/m
Tốc độ di chuyển tối đa trục Y100m/phút
Nguồn điện380V/50Hz