Single Tube End Chamfering
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The SOCO EF Chamfering  series extends up to Ø115mm in capacity. These semi-automatic machine models offer different functions such as specific clamps for each tube size or universal clamping jaws for various tube size  (EF-AC/111-U type). The process is suitable for single tube end chamfering and available for solid bars

  • Clean tube surface preparation before welding
  • Precise Angular Chamfers for Fittings and Assembly
  • Inside + Outside (I/O) Chamfering + Facing
  • Radious (Round) Chamfering
  • Centering and Outside Chamfer for Solid Bars

EF Series Typical Operations:

  • Chamfering inside, outside and face the end of tubing and pipe
  • Solid bar outside chamfering ( Centering by request)
  • Radious Chamfering

2 steps chamfering precess

  • First speed ……Fast approach for time saving
  • Second speed…Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish
Khả năng làm việc (mm): ỐngØ15~Ø60Ø20~Ø80Ø20~Ø115Ø15~Ø115
Khả năng làm việc (mm): ỐngĐộ dày : 2Độ dày : 4Độ dày : 4.5Độ dày: 4.5
Khả năng làm việc (mm): Sắt đặcØ9~Ø25Ø9~Ø50Ø9~Ø60Ø15~Ø115
Công suất trục chính (HP/P)1*43*65*65*6
Áp suất khí nén6~9kg/cm2, 120ml/phút
Trọng lượng máy (kg)210380450450
Kích thước máy (mm)640*1000*1110800*750*1350930*750*13501100*890*1350
Công suất trục chính (HP/P)1*43*65*65*6