U3 Series


U3 applies to standard metal coils. Upon decoiling and flattening,materials are delivered to the cuttingunit for feeding and cutting through the special machine tool structure and output via the transmission platform for sorting and unloading.

Fully automated process minimizing operator requirement and allowing continuous and unattented production.

Reegao are able to match any material specification and any coil size, using our home made equipment.Reegao strong engineering department allows to match many coil line configuration as well as part sorting solutions to comply with customer factory needs and environement.

Reegao offers turnkey systems for coil processing, all equipment from a single source.

Nội dungThông số
Chiều rộng cuộn tôn≤3000mm
Độ dày vật liệu0.6mm-20.0mm
Trong tải của cuộn xả10-30T
Nguồn cắt3000-60000W
Độ chính xác định mức±0.5mm