U5 Series


The U5 model is suitable for steel coils of fixed,  after slifting the material enters the cutting unit after being uncoil and leveled then passes through the transfer platform and be stacked.

The fully automated process minimizes operator requirements, allowing for continuous and unattended production.

Reegao can meet every material specification and every coil size using our in-house manufacturing equipment. Reegao’s strong engineering department enables matching of multiple roll line configurations as well as part sorting solutions to comply with customer plant needs and environments.

U5 features GAP-CUTTING, completely avoiding  scratches on the lower surface of the material, with special dust removing channel, better cleaning the air . There is special waste scrapping device on U5.

Nội dungThông số
Chiều rộng cuộn dây300-1850mm
Độ dày cuộn dây0.6mm-3.0mm
Khả năng chịu lực≤30T
Nguồn cắt3000-12000W
Độ chính xác định mức±0.5mm